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Sunday, 26th March 2023, 15:57 Electronics
Hallo ! 71jähriger Rentner ist TOTTRAURIG weil sein ALM7010 seinen Geist aufgegeben hat. Bin nicht der große Elektroniker brauch deswegwen Hilfe und würde gerne den Verfasser des Beitrages zur Reparatur des ELV ALM Laders kontaktieren.Wie geht das ? Gruß Wolfgang
Wolfgang   Deutschland no URL given

Thursday, 15th May 2014, 14:42 Just came over
Wanted to test if the guestbook still works after migration of homepage.
Roman Fischer Zürich  Switzerland no URL given

Monday, 5th May 2014, 11:14 R/C & Electronics
Vielen Dank für die ausführliche und kompetente Anleitung zur Reparatur des ALM 7010 das hat mir sehr weitergeholfen! MFG Reinhold
Reinhold Schebler Regensburg  Deutschland no URL given

Tuesday, 15th April 2014, 12:08 R/C & Electronics
Salü ! gestern kam meine Super Stearman an. Ihre sehr ausführliche Doku wie auch Ihre Modifikationsideen werden mir bestimmt eine wertvolle Ergänzung zur Originalbauanleitung sein ! Gruß aus D-Ettlingen Rudi Hello Peter, yesterday my Super Stearman kit arrived. Your very detailed documentation and, particularly, your modification suggestions will be a valuable addendum to the original building manual for me ! kind regards from D-Ettlingen Rudi
Rudolf Schweizer Ettlingen  D

Tuesday, 21st January 2014, 00:52 Electronics
Vielen Dank für Ihre Seite!
V70 Berlin  D no URL given

Monday, 14th January 2013, 01:22 Electronics
Excellent site thanks.
John   N.Ireland no URL given

Sunday, 25th November 2012, 18:42 Electronics
Thanks for the wonderfull site you have.You helped me a lot at my projects.
Sakis Piraeus  Greece no URL given

Friday, 9th November 2012, 12:15 Electronics
Wow, this is a really good site. Many helpful information for me. If the codes would provided also, it would be great!
Shaodong   Germany no URL given

Friday, 31st August 2012, 21:42 Electronics
Hi Peter, this is a great site, many thanks!
Leslie T. Florida  USA no URL given

Friday, 25th March 2011, 14:00 Electronics
Very useful infomation. Though, I would have liked to see some C code as well. Good information. Thanks
S'khumbuzo Ndlovu Pretoria  South Africa no URL given

Monday, 14th March 2011, 21:16 Just came over
Hallo, danke für die super anleitung zum repair vom alm 7002. hat super funktioniert jedoch habe ich noch ein weiteres problem das ich vor dem defekt hatte. während der entladung eines akkus läuft alles recht gut und nach ein paar minuten srpingt die stromanzeige zwischen 0 und 11,25a und der akku entlädt stunden lang und wird daher nicht fertig (+ die kapazität wird daher falsch berechnet) hattest du zufällig auch schon mal das problem? lg gregor
Gregor    no URL given

Wednesday, 9th February 2011, 03:35 R/C Modeling
You have a very informational and well put together website. The Super Stearman review is great. When you turned the control horn 180 degrees on the lower aileron, did you have to shorten the aileron connecting rod? How much high and low rate throw are you getting since the modification? I've made the modification to my Stearman, but I am unable to get both ailerons in the neutral position at the same time. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated......... Thanks Michael
Michael Jackson Houston, Texas  USA no URL given

Thursday, 6th January 2011, 03:38 Electronics
I hope you continue to enlight us with some more excellent projects... Ahead R. Akoum
Rachid Akoum Madinah  Saudi Arabia no URL given

Monday, 27th December 2010, 06:35 Electronics
Great work that you've done here! I have tried the lcdtest1 and the simple rs232 test. Both work great. I have a lot to learn to do this kind of coding so its nice to have a site that inspires me to learn these things you have done. Thank You!
Mike Weir  USA no URL given

Wednesday, 27th October 2010, 08:55 Just came over
Hi, you are doing a great job. I have just started with PIC microcontrollers. What would be the best way to stay in touch with you? Are you on Facebook?
Shafik Pune  India

Sunday, 11th July 2010, 01:56 Electronics
I used pic microprocessors when I was in the university for my project! It was a microprocessor controlled dishwasher! I liked it a lot. Now I have my own company! I want to start a manufacturing company to produce household products! I think I will used pic.
Abdulrasheed Lagos  Nigeria no URL given

Thursday, 1st July 2010, 16:56 Electronics
Good book
Teddy Bloemfontein  South Africa no URL given

Saturday, 12th June 2010, 10:28 Just came over
I have a PIC assembler framework project going on. A collection of (for me) usefull macros and functions. Check it out!
Thom   Switzerland

Wednesday, 10th February 2010, 00:04 Electronics
Thanks for all
Abdo Rezk Egypt  Cairo no URL given

Saturday, 6th February 2010, 06:45 Electronics
Excellent page. Helped out my understanding of many things.
Paul Pittsburgh, PA  USA no URL given

Thursday, 3rd December 2009, 13:27 R/C & Electronics
Excellent page, with tons of good documentation and working projects. I have just assembled 2 of those pic projects, and they worked out-of-the-box! I am now studying the codes to learn a lot more, and expand some of those pojects. Sure this site is a great source of learning pic thanks a lot
Luciano Loder Porto Alegre  Brazil no URL given

Tuesday, 17th November 2009, 14:10 Electronics
Nice and organised website with many useful information. Good work made on PIC programs! Regards!
Vasco Lisbon  Portugal no URL given

Sunday, 15th November 2009, 13:21 Electronics
Thank's for sharing your knoledg, your site has been very useful to me. Congratulations. joao666
João Rodrigues Minde  Portugal no URL given

Thursday, 10th September 2009, 10:47 Electronics
Thank you! You have a great site. One of the best things that I have seen. Congratulations!!!
Hugo Escarcega Chihuahua  México no URL given

Thursday, 21st May 2009, 14:25 R/C Modeling
Excellent site thanks.
Rick Oldham  England no URL given

Tuesday, 19th May 2009, 05:38 Electronics
Very good
Bambang Jakarta  Indonesian no URL given

Thursday, 12th March 2009, 13:02 Electronics
*** Thank You *** (for PS/2 keyboard)
Lee Kang Mo Gumi  South Korea no URL given

Wednesday, 4th March 2009, 04:54 Electronics
Dahdah Borongan  Philippines no URL given

Saturday, 24th January 2009, 06:59 Electronics
I liked your site.
Pat Williams Newton Centre  United States no URL given

Wednesday, 7th January 2009, 15:35 R/C & Electronics
I am control engineer and i am working in design embedded monitoring systems based on PIC microcontroller, and i want books for help me to do my design. Thank you Ali
Ali Cairo  Egypt no URL given

Thursday, 23rd October 2008, 08:47 Electronics
Very good
Nilantha Gampaha  Srilanka no URL given

Wednesday, 27th August 2008, 20:12 R/C Modeling
Im officer of the Chilean Navy, and airmodeler too. In my navy, the basic trainer of the Naval aviation service is the Pilatus PC-7, so i think this can be a cool project to build this plane for a .90 sized plane, cause i want to be naval pilot. But i have several problems to find kits neither plans of the plane. Any help will be very usefull. Thanks, Branko
Branko Ljubetic Santiago  Chile no URL given

Sunday, 20th April 2008, 12:34 R/C & Electronics
Hi, I passes by this page to tell u that u have made a good job here, but still I think u have not made ur best. I looked for some demonstrations for the PIC16f877 in which I'm using with my VB-to-PIC project but I did not find any help. Any way I thx u for ur nice work. Bye! Ali, CCE Engineering Study
Ali Lebanon no URL given

Thursday, 13th March 2008, 19:07 R/C & Electronics
Well done indeed. Keep up the good work!
Paul Weijers Lachine, QC  Canada no URL given

Sunday, 24th February 2008, 10:37 Electronics
Thank you! Your web site is great I hope you always keep it update! I'm waiting for your newer projects using PIC microcontrollers.
Arash Tehran  Iran no URL given

Tuesday, 12th February 2008, 14:03 R/C & Electronics
Great... You know, it's very great to see your web site. I really want to use keyboard as the input of PIC. Now I see what to do. It's very interesting..... Thanks a lot
Sai Seng Lynn Pyin Oo Lwin  Myanmar no URL given

Tuesday, 12th February 2008, 07:52 Electronics
Nice web site, and many usefull contents
Salah Algiers  Algeria no URL given

Thursday, 29th November 2007, 22:28 Electronics
Nice site, great to see you spending time to write about your experiences. It is a great help to others. Thanks.
D Cummings   UK no URL given

Monday, 26th November 2007, 09:08 Electronics
Xaivier Chia Johor  Malaysia no URL given

Wednesday, 21st November 2007, 10:37 Electronics
Please help me convert the .asm code for the LCD to Basic codes because I'm using the PIC Basic Pro Compiler to program PIC16F877A. Please send it by email at Thank you.
Ria Gudito Bohol  Philippines no URL given

Wednesday, 31st October 2007, 18:58 Electronics
Muito bom, com circuitos elaborados com o PIC 16F que jamais pensei que podia existir, tal como: Teclado AT com LCD
José Carlos Santa Cruz Brasília   Brasil no URL given

Monday, 24th September 2007, 06:51 Electronics
Good site.
Gaiya Memphis  USA no URL given

Friday, 17th August 2007, 03:54 R/C Modeling
Hello, I'm a man try to be a engineerer just like you. You are my role model. I'm a student, and 16 years old. My hobby is assembly programming. I want you never shut down this site until I can overcome you. You give me the future I want to be. Thanks very much! Danke shun(?). Anyway thanks very much, teacher!!!
Ghil Seoul  Korea, South no URL given

Sunday, 5th August 2007, 16:24 Electronics
Is it possible to build a PIC Micro controller to command a radio to do a self test and then receive and display the test result at the controller via RS 232?
John Seah Singapore  Singapore no URL given

Thursday, 14th June 2007, 20:31 Electronics
Hi, I liked much your web site. I think, it is full of data about PIC. Thanks a lot for this work...
Mresat Konya  Turkey

Friday, 30th March 2007, 08:48 Electronics
How should I start with the initialization process incase of interfacing LCD GDM160 1C with the PIC 16F84A? Thanks.
Debabrata Bhaskar Haldia  India no URL given

Friday, 23rd March 2007, 11:42 Electronics
Hi, On the section about making a peripheral set-up using a keyboard and LCD; what do the .hex files do in the project resources section? Many Thanks
Tom Birmingham   no URL given

Friday, 23rd February 2007, 12:33 Just came over
Excuses my English. it is really an interesting site for the one who programs pic microcontroller if you want you can insert the site of picforge (pic basic compiler) it is free hi
Gabriele Milano  Italy

Tuesday, 30th January 2007, 15:01 Electronics
I'm highly impressed by your records and the many works you've done. Your model plane project and your biodata are great inspiration to me. I once built an LED moving character display using digital logic ics, EEPROM, and Qbasic program. Now, i have rebuilt it with PIC16F84 and a self made PIC programmer.(thanks to the internet). You've inspired me. I must do more. THANK YOU
Kayode Olagunju Lagos  Nigeria no URL given

Tuesday, 23rd January 2007, 14:09 Electronics
It worked direct, great, but i need Timer0 for a other application. Can we deal with the delay's in a other way.
Harry H. Arends   Netherlands

Saturday, 16th December 2006, 16:31 Electronics
Congratulations, I have never seen a web page like this where you can find a lot of projects and they work. Luck Diego.
Diego Bernal  Argentina no URL given

Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 06:51 R/C & Electronics
Great site! I didn't even hear about RC modelling before coming to this site. The site triggers a lot of inspiration and a lot of help. Good luck to all those fellows maintaining this site.
J. Gab Cochin  India no URL given

Tuesday, 10th October 2006, 15:48 Just came over
Great site for electronic engineers! You have done a great job! Keep it continue men...
Sharad P. Bhadouria Indore  India no URL given

Saturday, 30th September 2006, 22:07 R/C Modeling
Dear Sir, finay i found wat i am looking for, the size of the Nomad that you are, ore made. Sinds 10 years i am looking there for, i got the plan of the GAF factory on A4 paper from the serie of the flying dockters and finaly i found the plan in FMT but a size off 1,50 meter span, can you please help me on a plan your size plan off the NOMAD N22 I am retierd now so i have got the time to build it. Thank you very mutch. Sorry for my English.
Jo Van Weert Sint Oedenrode  Netherlands no URL given

Tuesday, 26th September 2006, 21:55 R/C & Electronics
Nice page! The models gallery is amazing! Can't wait until I start a project of mine.
Nícolas C. Lebedenco Rio de Janeiro  Brazil no URL given

Tuesday, 26th September 2006, 21:46 Electronics
Hello brothers!! Your website is very intersting, and it´ve helped me a lot.I´m working on a CPU project, using 16F88, and I need use a AT keyboard.So I´m starting test your keyboard routines.I hope those ones work propely on my project. Be sure that your name will be noticed, and I´ll indicate your website as reference for microcontrollers profesional and hobbyst desings. Bye!!!
Genival Santos Filho Rio de Janeiro  Brasil no URL given

Sunday, 7th May 2006, 11:07 Electronics
Hallo peter jan, 17 juni a.s is er op vliegbasis leeuwarden de jaarlijkse open dag van de kon. luchtmacht. er komen alle bekende stuntteams van de navo, vooral de blue angels uit de usa zijn bijzonder zij zullen eenmalig in europa optreden. het volledige programma vind je op google :kon.luchtmacht, open dagen 2006. belangstelling?? groeten uit nijverdal.
Hans Voortman Nijverdal  Nederland no URL given

Monday, 6th March 2006, 10:29 R/C & Electronics
Hello all , anybody help me infor idea about firmwave in PIC, to simulate Windows Termial. I just want load telephone number from PIC to modem by USART. In Windows, it is not problem, because we have Windows Hyperterminal. But if the naked PIC, we must simulate this Hyperterminal in firmwave of PIC. Please send me your advice to, TRI from Vietnam
Superwanderman Nha Trang  Vietnam no URL given

Sunday, 5th March 2006, 15:45 Electronics
Well... thanks for the modules offered here. It has been a great help for me in my final year project. Well I have a question to ask you: I am using the m_lcdv16.asm module and the counter.asm sample in my project. My question is how can I modify the counter.asm file so that it stops counting at decimal 2000 times or 4000 times or 6000 times? Thank you if you can have a couple of minutes into my question. Thanks again.
Karkeong Yeoh Penang  Malaysia no URL given

Monday, 27th February 2006, 19:54 Electronics
I search for friends which have the same aim and field.
Muhammad Abassery Arafa Alexandria  Egypt no URL given

Wednesday, 22nd February 2006, 11:55 R/C Modeling
Hello, I want to say that your page is great. I came to your Website when I was looking for pictures of the GAF N22 Nomad. I´ve seen your model and I like it. I´ve got a smaller plan of this aircraft with a wingspan of 1.50 meters, but it´s just semi scale. So the Rudders are a little bit bigger than in the original. So could you send me your construction plans to my e-mail adress?
Thomas Pilot Cottbus  Germany no URL given

Monday, 20th February 2006, 07:01 Electronics
Thanks for the oportunity to tell you what a great site this is. Many thanks,
John Eiderton Nanjing  China no URL given

Saturday, 11th February 2006, 00:45 Electronics
This is a great website!
Mike Smith Toledo  USA no URL given

Friday, 10th February 2006, 01:28 Electronics
Great site, very comprehensive.... many thanks!
Bradley Macinnis Toronto  Canada no URL given

Thursday, 9th February 2006, 17:42 R/C & Electronics
I would like if you can send me tips on the basics of microcontrollers programming especially on PIC16F84A.
Mpuoane Alfred Bloemfontein  South Africa

Tuesday, 7th February 2006, 23:23 Just came over
Best regards to all of my engineering friends. Engineers are great!
Richard Nacamuli California  USA no URL given

Saturday, 14th January 2006, 02:43 Electronics
Absolutely excellent site, thank you very much for your kindliness. Best wishes to you.
Apisart Chanpuang Bangkok  Thailand no URL given

Sunday, 25th December 2005, 01:25 Electronics
I used your commtest1.hex file to make connecting between pc and pic but I couldn't succeed it. Anyway your projects and studying are very nice. I am master student in Turkey and my thesis about "Control System with Microcontroller without cable". In 15 days I have to finish my thesis but I have some problems about projects. When I finish it I will go to Germany to apply Duisburg Uni for doctorate program. Nice site really, take it easy...
Cem Kara Ýstanbul  Turkey no URL given

Thursday, 8th December 2005, 21:07 Electronics
Hello! My final year project is USB Radio, i.e. I need to play FM radio in computer and controlled (tunning etc) from its application (software). I still in problem of the USB Controller what I should I use and how to interface it in C#.NET as I suggested C#.NET in my proposal. Kindly can any one help me. Email me at Thanks.
Khurram Kazim Sindh  Pakistan

Wednesday, 23rd November 2005, 12:45 Electronics
Great site! Guyman
Yalah Guyman London  England no URL given

Sunday, 11th September 2005, 09:42 Electronics
Great site! Very interesting.
Alan Winnipeg  Canada

Friday, 5th August 2005, 22:10 Electronics
I am interested how is used graphic LCD, and I found that information on this site. But my display is 3x40 with no purshase on it. Where I can find that information? Thanks, Djordje
Djordje Herceg-Novi  SCG no URL given

Sunday, 24th July 2005, 05:12 Electronics
Very impressed.
K.Thiru Petaling Jaya  Malaysia no URL given

Friday, 22nd July 2005, 03:16 Electronics
Nice site, LCD displays have always been a problem for me, but you make it so simple, thanks.
Steve Burlington  Canada no URL given

Tuesday, 19th July 2005, 12:40 R/C Modeling
Hi, I saw that cool n-22 model.I have the plans for it but i got only one part of the plans.:( I wanted to ask you could someone mail me a link of plans for n-22. or mail me scanned plans.
Andrew Kaunas  Lithuania no URL given

Monday, 11th July 2005, 09:59 R/C & Electronics
I am a neophyte in the field of pic micro... I would like to solicite your idea on how to use 4x7 dot matrix as output for my pic project... my project is to build a road construction notice system. The project will produce several pre programmed text such as.... road construction ahead,,,, detour,,,,bridge under construction...and the like... i would appreciate any word from you then...
Vicente Y Buenconsejo Jr. Bacolod City   Philippines no URL given

Wednesday, 6th July 2005, 12:16 Just came over
I was just surfing, BTW good website.
27 IDX 106 - Odinn   Iceland

Wednesday, 6th July 2005, 12:15 Just came over
Very good website, Best 73s folks....
TF2CT - Aegir   Iceland

Friday, 1st July 2005, 09:57 Electronics
I'm looking for a pressure sensor Motorola MPX4100, but I cannot find any vendors. Do you know where I could purchase it? thanks
Alessandro Ascanio Spello  Italy

Friday, 10th June 2005, 23:25 Electronics
Dear Sir, This Site is Great I am a Newer to Electronics and Try my best to become a Good Designer, But In my country resources are not enough to reach us. but in your site i got lots of info. Thank you very much for you SIR, for you honest effort. I like to very much to stay in touch woth you sir, U can mail my address. Thanks Sharanga Thilina
Sharanga Thilina   Sri Lanka no URL given

Monday, 6th June 2005, 20:26 Electronics
A very nice site! Excellent layout. Excellent graphics. Excellent material. thanks for your time and effort. Wayne Cummins
Wayne Cummins Pisgah, Alabama  USA no URL given

Thursday, 2nd June 2005, 21:22 R/C Modeling
Can any body please answer to my enq? how to develop RF Transciever using 16F84A
Velmurugan Udumalpet  India no URL given

Friday, 27th May 2005, 20:13 Electronics
I am interested how is used MCP3304/08 with PIC16F877-SPI hardware modul & LCD...... well i hope that in this page can help me in it. I used An703,719 but...nothing Sorry for my English. It is not a native language for me.
Stoyan Rousse  Bulgaria no URL given

Friday, 29th April 2005, 07:04 R/C & Electronics
I am interested how is used graphic lcd in drawing signals like the sine wave.... well i hope that in this page can help me in it
Fernando Raymundo Lima  Peru no URL given

Sunday, 27th March 2005, 21:27 R/C & Electronics
I am very interested in the robots i made a lot of them since i am a kid the best one is a hoovercraft and its amazing but i think your robot is a lot more sofisticated than mine anyway i would like to get email from your new inventions
Christopher Sakr Beirut  Lebanon no URL given

Wednesday, 23rd March 2005, 17:47 R/C & Electronics
What an incredible source for pic users!!! It's a very very impressive work you have done here!! Probably the best on those topics we can find on the web! Crystal clear informations!!! Thanks a lot for such a synthetic view of the lcd, RS232 and RC program using PIC micro!!! Thanks a lot!
Vincent Paris  France no URL given

Monday, 14th March 2005, 01:26 R/C & Electronics
Great info, looking at using the simple rs232 interface for the 16f84a in my final year uni project, really appreciate this being available as it saves me time having to develop one myself leaving me to worry about the core of my project.
Ben Wiseman Melbourne  Australia no URL given

Friday, 25th February 2005, 10:31 Electronics
Very Good Job!! Well done 2 u.
Harun Usm Penang  Malaysia no URL given

Thursday, 24th February 2005, 15:15 Electronics
I really like finding these sites. You also provided all the necessary information for other people to build on. Thank you for all the effort and place the information on web.
Srinivas Hyderabad  India no URL given

Sunday, 20th February 2005, 12:49 Electronics
Very cool, I really like finding these sites! Thank you very much! Mi ingles es malo asi que tambien en español, gracias. Esteban
Esteban Gruccos Buenos Aires  Argentina no URL given

Monday, 7th February 2005, 01:01 R/C & Electronics
You have done a good job in low cost inertial navigation system. You also provided all the necessary information for other people to build on. Thank you for all the effort and place the information on web. Best Regard,
Wen-Hwa Chu Plano  TX no URL given

Friday, 14th January 2005, 09:44 Electronics
Found the program for PIC 16F84 for running messages using Dot Matrix LCDs.
Abu Bakar Gombak  Kuala Lumpur no URL given

Sunday, 9th January 2005, 18:26 R/C & Electronics
Very cool, I really like finding these sites! Thank you very much! Sonny
Sonny Jeffers Rosman  USA no URL given

Tuesday, 4th January 2005, 22:36 Electronics
EXCELLENT - enough praise cannot be heaped upon this site: so much work by the author, not just that all these projects actually work, but are very well presented. Well Done.
Nigel Spinney Gillingham  UK no URL given

Sunday, 26th December 2004, 18:10 Electronics
Nice job!
Lauren Campbell    no URL given

Saturday, 6th November 2004, 12:46 Electronics
Hallo Peter! Gratuliere zu einer sehr informativen und hilfreichen Website. Bin gerade dabei zu versuchen einen PIC16F84 mit einer RS232-Schnittstelle zum Laufen zu bekommen und Deine Routinen sind mir dabei eine grosse Hilfe. Nicht zuletzt wegen den ausführlichen Kommentaren! Alles Gute! Michael
Michael Aach-Linz  Deutschland

Thursday, 28th October 2004, 14:34 R/C & Electronics
Hello Peter. Nice site! I came across it Googling for a servo driver circuit and selected your 2.7v Servo Checker. I built it last night and it works great! Thanks! Now to explore your site further...
Klaus Wolter Dexter, MI  USA no URL given

Thursday, 14th October 2004, 23:08 Electronics
Excellent website! I have tried a lot of your serial LCD modules, adapting them to 20 Mhz instead of 4 Mhz, using PIC16F84A and PIC16F877A and 4x20, 2x12, 2x16 and 2x40 LCD's. I also slowed down the animation when first connecting to the serial port. At 20 Mhz it was running really fast! Your assembler modules have worked smoothly. Thanks again... I really do appreciate your hard work!
Mark Zembal Town of York  Canada no URL given

Wednesday, 1st September 2004, 02:22 Electronics
Hey !!! Great site. Actually found you on Google! I'm working for a precision instruments company using many PICs as the main microcontroller in their meters (TACHs, Speedo's, Sounders, etc.). If anyone is into USB for these little micros, post a message. The new 18Cxxxx supports USB 2.0 but I'm looking for USB 1.1 stuff right now. I know the 16C745/765 support USB 1.1 but is there anybody out there doing this stuff? Happy happy... John ( SicMan )
SicMan CT. Wolcott  USA no URL given

Tuesday, 24th August 2004, 14:04 R/C Modeling
Grüezi Herr Luethi Ich befasse mich mit dem Bau einer Cherokee. Können Sie mir sagen wo man gute Unterlagen (Seitenrisse, Querschnitte) bekommt? Gibt es evt sogar Pläne von Ihrer Maschine, die man kaufen könnte? Freundliche Grüsse Martin Waser
Martin Waser Neerach  CH no URL given

Thursday, 19th August 2004, 21:49 Electronics
Congratulations, Mr. Peter Luethi! Your site is really usefull. Very good designs, excellent source of research. Thanks a lot!!
Ricardo Sao Paulo  Brazil no URL given

Tuesday, 13th July 2004, 17:28 Electronics
Hi, thanks for making this page. It gives many informations to its readers! Yesterday I came in first contact with PICs while I was building an interface for an old PC in school. And it's very interesting! Greetz Winburner
Winburner   Germany no URL given

Thursday, 3rd June 2004, 20:14 R/C & Electronics
I'm also a radio modeler like you with prefers into giant scale models. I 'm a mechanical engineer but I'm new in PICs and I found your site very helpful. You have done a nice work! It will help me to begin more easy with PICs. Thank you, Prodromos
Prodromos Kavala  Greece no URL given

Friday, 14th May 2004, 21:58 R/C & Electronics
GREAT SITE !!! All of your information is very well organized. Many of your ideas have helped me on my own projects. I’ll be sure to come back.
Christopher Placentile Toronto  Canada no URL given

Tuesday, 4th May 2004, 20:07 R/C Modeling
Is there a set plans for the GAF Nomad suitable for electric propulsion? Thanks for your help.
Greg   USA no URL given

Tuesday, 27th April 2004, 18:01 Electronics
Very good web site for PICs & very good routines and examples. Dani
Daniel Burgues Lleida  Spain no URL given

Thursday, 15th April 2004, 22:39 R/C & Electronics
Just starting out in PIC programming and have found it difficult to find some good examples in asm not basic. Thanks a lot and i'll be sure to come back here again... Cheers!
Rawstar Sheffield  UK no URL given

Tuesday, 13th April 2004, 02:20 R/C & Electronics
Interesting page. Lots of PIC related Projects (currently adapting USART of PIC16f628 to PC). Found true assembler projects that are helpful to implement them in PIC BASIC.
Mario Alberto Camarillo Ramos Mexicali, Baja California  Mexico no URL given

Sunday, 29th February 2004, 13:33 Electronics
Your site is wonderful, especially PIC routine section. I used your hardware controlled USART routine in my school project, it works fine. Meanwhile I converted some assembly routines to Hitech C PIC compiler routines. Thanks for all.
Engin Karabulut Kayseri  Turkey

Wednesday, 11th February 2004, 18:27 R/C & Electronics
I really like your web site. Great detail on your projects. I plan to try some of your routines. Dennis Koroluk
Dennis Koroluk Winnipeg, Manitoba  Canada no URL given

Sunday, 23rd November 2003, 03:58 Electronics
Fantastic PIC Projects site. Went through the entire PIC Web ring, but found this site through electronics Web ring only.
Warner Li Ontario  Canada no URL given

Wednesday, 19th November 2003, 10:46 Electronics
Great thanx for a nice asm modules. Very,very useful for studying. Found one error in comtest.asm in ending of ISR need to clear interrupt flag RB0/INT (as u write in comm9600 asm module) once again great thanx!
Gleb Ashdod  Israel

Friday, 19th September 2003, 20:47 R/C & Electronics
Need to implement a low cost navigational circuit to pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle in a 360 degree pattern 100-1000 feet in air. Any ideas. I am kind of stuck at the moment on how to? Feel free to contact me here @ work 724-589-1586 w/ any ideas or contact via email
Jason Conn Austintown  USA no URL given

Thursday, 4th September 2003, 03:49 R/C & Electronics
I think your model plane is awesome, as is your website. Thanks for posting so much information. - William Miller
William Miller Douglas,Georgia  USA no URL given

Wednesday, 3rd September 2003, 13:02 R/C & Electronics
Hi Peter, I'm a last year student at the Scheppers-Istitute in Belgium (studying electricity-electronics). I have an RC plane and I was thinking to install your designed altimeter (as my final). But I'm only 17 years old, low on cash, and I noticed that the receiver and transmitter are very expensive (+/- 250 dollars). So I wondered: Is it possible to make my own transceiver??? At school we've got good facilities, but do you think it's possible? Well, thanks in forward and good luck with your site! Thomas
ThomASSHOLE   Belgium

Sunday, 10th August 2003, 04:32 Electronics
I want to know how if to project AT Keyboard Interface xxx podria to communicate by radio frequency, you or alquien you have a scheme of circuit of communication RS232 by FSK or another one, serious a new idea for this project. From me already many thanks.
Facundo Cabezudo   Uruguay no URL given

Friday, 2nd May 2003, 20:13 R/C Modeling
Schöne Seite. Ich bin auch dabei eine Nomad zu bauen, aber noch lange nicht so weit wie Sie. Grüße aus dem Münsterland Jürgen Hartog
Jürgen Hartog Südlohn  Deutschland no URL given

Saturday, 26th April 2003, 20:38 Electronics
Congrats on the site Peter, a job well done. I'm doing the same degree as you in Ireland.
Barry Belfast  Ireland no URL given

Friday, 18th April 2003, 16:12 Electronics
Congratulations for your home page!
Alexandre Nolasco Ipatinga  Brazil no URL given

Wednesday, 16th April 2003, 04:56 Electronics
Hola! Enhorabuena por tu página, los contenidos que tienes en ella son muy buenos y me estan sirviendo mucho para el proyecto que estoy desarrollando. Gracias !! Y saludos desde España !! Byez...
Charly Zaragoza  España no URL given

Tuesday, 15th April 2003, 13:22 Electronics
I agree with the some of the other comments in this guestbook: This site is nicely made - congratulations on a job well done!
BT   Germany no URL given

Tuesday, 18th February 2003, 12:53 Electronics
I was looking for PC oscilloscope software and found your software page with some useful links, thanks ! We're writing a DSO application (in preview release) for BitScope, our open design PIC based mixed signal capture engine for PCs.
Bruce Tulloch Sydney  Australia

Monday, 10th February 2003, 11:08 Electronics
Hi, nice info. I also work on a jumper channels with PIC from a 2.4GHz wireless receiver VR31 (X10 protocol) to be able to work with 4 wireless cameras WBR
Sica Zaletchi Rm Valcea  Romania no URL given

Tuesday, 4th February 2003, 14:57 R/C & Electronics
I am currently an electronics student and I want to make it begin this field of engineering. I need your assistance , I wonder if you could send me some of your projects for my own experiments.
Adams Uganda no URL given

Saturday, 1st February 2003, 06:46 Electronics
Hello Peter, I'm a student of University Technology MARA, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics. Nothing to say...very interesting website!! I've learned a lot. Actually I'm doing my final year project in PIC microcontroller. I'm interested with your PIC project. Could u please help me, to send a full schematic diagram of the AT Keyboard interface with RS232 link using PIC 16F84 and other requirements need. I really hope to hear from u. TQ.
Al-Fahmi Al-Azmi Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia

Tuesday, 28th January 2003, 06:04 R/C & Electronics
You are starting to be known all around the world... I would really like be in touch with you. Nice site.
Alfonso Perez Garcia San Luis Potosi  Mexico no URL given

Saturday, 18th January 2003, 09:00 R/C & Electronics
Very good pages for my students. Thanks for sources.
Francomme Paris  France

Sunday, 5th January 2003, 14:40 Electronics
Hi, a very good homepage. I was searching for sourcecode for PIC microcontroller when I came to your page. I am working (private for fun) on a project to use a accelerometercircuit to find the best acceleration on a car and at which RPM. For that I will use a microcontroller (maybe 2) with RS232 serialcommunication. I saw in your code that you used interrupt, I don't know if I should use interrupt. The PIC will just fetch data and deliver to the serialinterface so I don't see any need to use interrupt. But I will for sure look a little in your code. Regards Bengt
Bengt Sweden no URL given

Tuesday, 31st December 2002, 14:43 Electronics
I'm programming Smartcard applications by Visual C++ 6 and microcontrollers as well, i have made a project for image data compresion also by Visual C++.
Hakiem Misurata  Libya no URL given

Monday, 30th December 2002, 11:02 Electronics
Great work!!! Your projects are very helpful for my work, I will waiting for your projects in TCP/IP. Tanks for your information and wait news about my projets. SALUDOS. :-)
Hugo Retana Distrito Federal  Mexico no URL given

Tuesday, 17th December 2002, 13:31 R/C & Electronics
Excellent , impressive and one of the best sites I visited. Will be back again. Balki
Balki Chennai  India no URL given

Saturday, 2nd November 2002, 16:23 R/C & Electronics
Woopy you are good influence on me. I can really use your prog & scheme but i want to make a 433 Mhz transmitting keyboard so i can receive ascii on rotating parts. or make a school cheat application. Industrie standards (rs232) are useful. But for people there are no standards :) hi hi I must go. My compliments for your clear presentation of your work! Ciao
Lauris Arnheim  Holland no URL given

Friday, 11th October 2002, 04:01 Electronics
Soy Latino y no se mucho ingles, si tienen mandenmen algun circuito de para hacer un proyecto para la Escuela Superior de Electronica
Santiago Rizzo Montevideo  Uruguay no URL given

Wednesday, 2nd October 2002, 10:50 R/C & Electronics
Like your great PIC projects your keyboard project just helped me around a lot of errors I am trying to develop a wheelchair controller for a handicapped friend. I also love your Nomad model I have been building models since about 1958 once again thanks for a great site cheers Geoff Quinn
Geoff Quinn Coffs Harbour NSW 2450  Australia no URL given

Tuesday, 13th August 2002, 16:41 R/C & Electronics
I am interested in Electronic Engineer. I need more information from outside. I hope that you can help me. Thank you!
Pan Yuanliang Chongqing  China no URL given

Monday, 22nd July 2002, 07:41 Electronics
Peter, as the Microchip Representative of Switzerland I am more than happy to have found your page. You did a excellent job. It is the kind of sense we all working for Microchip are looking for. If you need any help, any support or just a sample we will be more than happy to support you. Thank you for promoting Microchip and its product in this manner, if it is with the digital or the analog product portfolio. Roland Ruetimann
Roland Ruetimann Dottikon  Switzerland

Thursday, 27th June 2002, 22:43 R/C Modeling
Peter, First of all I'd like to mention a coincidence that happened when I found your page and read about you. I lived with a German guy named Peter and he's from Dresden too. Peter Eisentraut, is a Computer Science major and currently lives back in Dresden. I lived with him here in the Michigan a few years ago. We still keep in touch. Now to the important stuff. I'm just starting flying my first RC trainer and would like to include an altimeter inside my plane. I would like to be able to know how high the plane flies. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, so my knowledge in electronics is somewhat limited. I was wondering if you knew anywhere I could buy a setup similar to yours. Small precise, inexpensive, etc. Or maybe if you could write an instructions manual for people to buy the components and assemble it. Thanks Roberto
Roberto Crescencio Grand Rapids, Michigan  USA

Thursday, 30th May 2002, 18:57 Electronics
Excellent site. I found an interesting project based on the 16F84 so wait for my comments on it soon. Thanks!
Aaron Benitez Veracruz  Mexico

Monday, 20th May 2002, 21:25 Electronics
This a perfect page. Thanks.
Lucho Bogota   Colombia

Tuesday, 30th April 2002, 06:29 R/C Modeling
That drawing of your GAF-Nomad ? Is it possible to get a copy of the drawing ? I started awhile ago to build the same aircraft but I didn't finnished it. I build a tripple engine airplane instead, but now i have planes to start over with my "Baby". Send me a mail, and plase visit our clubsite on the adress above, it is unfortunetly in swedish but the pictures in "BILDDAGBOK" (Picture diary) is universal. Fly safe ! (slow and low...)
Jan Hedström Närpes  Finland

Saturday, 27th April 2002, 14:01 Electronics
Great work, it's one of the best homepage I have ever seen. Some of your designs are helpful for me. Many thanks to you.
Shalk Young Jinan  China

Monday, 22nd April 2002, 17:06 Electronics
Is it possible that I can send since for e-mail the file rs 232 debug interface the discharge in your it page it doesn't work. Regards Reynaldo
Reynaldo Berrios    no URL given

Tuesday, 16th April 2002, 18:35 R/C & Electronics
Hi, congratulations..! Your web page is very nice. Specially PIC-Excel scope. Bye...
Oktay Sirrik Istanbul  Turkey

Thursday, 11th April 2002, 20:47 Just came over
Dear Peter I am a longtime friend of your father. We worked together at BBC in the early 70-ties and after that at Motor Columbus. We still are in touch now and then and he told me proudly about your homepage. He can be proud of you and you of your achievements I am impressed. I especially enjoyed the picture of the DeHavilland DC2 Beaver. My first job was at De Havilland in Canada where the Beaver was designed and produced. I even did some work on the Beaver: the engineering of repairs. All the best Theo schotten
Theo Schotten Wermatswil  Switzerland no URL given

Monday, 8th April 2002, 09:15 R/C Modeling
Firstly, a very nice web page. A friend spotted your altimeter project a forwarded your URL. I look yours over with great interest as I too have built one and used it quite a lot from about a year and a half ago. My prototype is based on the MPX5100 (a temperature compensated sensor) and an Atmel AT89c4052 with 12 bit Max ADC. I amplify the sensor output and achieved a resolution of 30 -50cm between ADC bits The RF link consists of a synthesizers for the TX and RX running at 433 MHz. I wanted to use the higher 800-900MHz ISM band, but that has been trashed by local cell phone operators. I used a slightly more powerful output device to achieve around 19dbm of output power. The 10mW RF (10dbm) will not get reliable data the range when aircraft exceeds a few hundred meters. Yes I have been sending data from a thermal plane that achieved more than 800 meters of height gain!! (Not too mention that I also ran out of ADC bits!!) The RX outputs the data on a fairly large LCD that shows temperature, battery voltages, sink/climb rates and of course altitude. An audio vario output is also available. (calculated from the sink/climb digital data). The entire flight is recorded (on the airborne unit) to a serial memory devices that is later dumped to a PC for further analysis.. The entire system is all SMD technology and works very well. My next generation system is using the new micros for Analogue Devices with built in ADC. RF link is based on a RF Micro Devices IC that allows for 28K data rates. Sensor used is now similar to yours .. the MPX4100 (no S version?) I have also acquired a small GPS PCB that will dump data to the onboard micro as well. The resolution will be down graded to 1 meter steps (atmospheric variations mess things up a bit) The RX will also have a sensor (the reference pressure at ground level) to help eliminate the atmospheric variations. I hope to have this system up and running in about a month's time. I hope this lot will provide you with some further ideas. The use of such a device in a model glider is unbelievable. You learn so much form it. You can also set up/trim a competition plane for minimum sink quite easily with such an instrument. Good luck
Brian Mulder Cape Town  South Africa no URL given

Saturday, 30th March 2002, 14:07 Just came over
I love the low cost inertial navigation system. I ordered an evaluation ADXL150 from Then looked at and their stuff. Then found your site. Maybe I will be able to make something with it- but I doubt it. Even your rig had errors you pointed out. The crossbow site has some nice free software for logging graphing the results. Anyway well done on the website.
Quinny    no URL given

Sunday, 24th March 2002, 19:18 R/C & Electronics
Wonderful page, I have been looking for a working keyboard to RS232 routine and have finally found one. Thanks you.
Harrison    no URL given

Saturday, 16th March 2002, 20:27 R/C & Electronics
Hello Peter!! Great work, good job you have here. You build systems for your RC, I build them for high-altitude baloons !!! Keep it real! Sena
Antonio Sergio Sena Lisboa  Portugal

Monday, 11th March 2002, 22:23 Electronics
Great stuff, made bookmark and for sure be back soon.
Lodie Johannesburg  South africa no URL given

Monday, 4th February 2002, 22:43 Just came over
Excellent work, Peter. Sudhir
Sudhir Gupta London  Canada

Monday, 12th November 2001, 05:37 Electronics
Hello Peter. I just wanted to thank you for such an informative and well designed site. I am doing some research for a future project and stumbled across your site. I don't usually sign guestbooks but your site is one of those gems you find every now and again while searching the net and will certainly find it's way into my bookmark list. Very impressive. Shane Ely
Shane Granville, NY  USA

Friday, 9th November 2001, 21:51 Electronics
Thanks, thanks, infinite thanks, Peter for your Keyboard to PIC program. I´m a electronics student in Cartagena (Murcia, Spain), ending my studies. I´m developing a PIC-based text-video system at the end of my studies, and I´m interested to include a keyboard input in it. I hope your code will help me, I´ve only just read it now. The fact is "nowhere" else I found Keyboard to PIC16F84 protocol implemented so natural as here (to Motorola ucontrolers in other sites). Thanks again. By the way, your page is great. HIP HOP non stop!!!!!
Alberto B Murcia  España no URL given

Tuesday, 16th October 2001, 13:50 Electronics
The microcontroller PIC is fantastic... That's all!!!
Edilson Campinas  Brazil no URL given

Saturday, 13th October 2001, 15:49 Electronics
This site is excellent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I work on INUs, to avoid temperature problems the instruments are heated to a constant temperature. This way they maintain a constant tempurature regardless of the ambient temperature. I guess you have already considered this method. I am very impressed with your work.
Gavin Sydney  Australia no URL given

Friday, 14th September 2001, 15:39 R/C & Electronics
Ah si tous les utilisateurs de PIC povaient en faire autant... Felicitations pour la clartee et le professionalisme de votre site. ;=)
Philippe de Chaponnière Nimes  France no URL given

Tuesday, 4th September 2001, 17:06 R/C Modeling
Hello, Through a search looking for R/C Piper Cherokee's I came accross yours. Very nice. Many R/C planes are modeled of Cessna's. I'm a student pilot of the full size Cherokee and have been looking for a R/C version. Top Flight makes the Bonanza.......but prefer the Cherokee. I'm taking it that yours is built from scratch. Looks Great! Brad
Brad P Grosse Pointe, Michigan  USA no URL given

Monday, 6th August 2001, 11:31 R/C & Electronics
I'm recently engaged with a project usig pic micro-controller and found whatever I'ld need in this regards. Superb and nothing else I've to say about the collection being stuffed on this site. At least every Electronic Engineer must add this URL to his Favourites.
Majdi Farooq Karachi  Pakistan no URL given

Tuesday, 24th July 2001, 15:43 R/C Modeling
Very nice site mate gud luck with it :-)
Scott Gloucester  United Kingdom

Monday, 23rd July 2001, 04:41 Electronics
I was just looking for info on RS232-based Keyboard Interface, and it is quite nicely explained...Thanks
K.Mahabala Shetty   Singapore no URL given

Wednesday, 18th July 2001, 23:44 Electronics
Hallo! Zuerst Gratulation zu Deinen gelungenen Projekten und der super Homepage! Ich bin Automech, Modellbauer und Hobbyelektroniker(oder Bastler). Die KFZ Steuergeräte in unseren Autos (Airbag, Motor, Klimaanlage usw.)verfügen über einen Fehlerspeicher, der mit einem Gerät ausgelesen wird. Die vom Steuergerät gesendeten Daten werden Bitseriell übertragen. Nun suche ich einige Links (Programmbeispiele, am besten in Qbasic /Visual Basic) um diese Daten zu erfassen, darzustellen und auszuwerten. Mein Ziel wäre es dann diese Daten mit dem PC/Laptop am /im Fahrzeug zu erfassen. Hättest Du einige Ideen und Links? Die meisten Programmierhomepages enthalten leider nur Spiele und andere Programme usw. Ich ich würde mich riesig auf eine Antwort freuen und hoffe Du findest etwas Zeit dafür. Guido Wäger
Guido Wäger Stadel / Perth  Switzerland / Australia no URL given

Sunday, 17th June 2001, 15:31 R/C & Electronics
Nice page, it's nice to see someone willing to share their work progress. I am just about to start designing my own altimeter for my RC aircraft, the ultimate aim is to make an UAV, if you are interested, check out, they have great stuff. I will post my work on my own webpage. Your skills are advantageous to this type off work, keep up the good work. I will shore to drop past and check it out from time to time
Colin Conrick Adeladie   Australia no URL given

Friday, 15th June 2001, 08:23 Just came over
This is good idelism site. Thanks for making it easy to access. I need a hand, I also want to make an altimeter digital for my last project on campus. Because I don't know much - still learning - about microcomputer applications, I need to ask a few questions. 1. what is the basic theory of altimeter ? 2. what other theory and concepts that I have to know to make an altimeter digital ? 3. what are the components ? That's all for today. I'm looking forward for your reply. Thanks a lot.
Henry Jakarta  Indonesia no URL given

Tuesday, 5th June 2001, 22:25 R/C & Electronics
Quite impressive.
Edgar Allan Policarpio   Philippines no URL given

Wednesday, 16th May 2001, 16:10 Just came over
I happened across your page while looking for a keyboard/barcode slot reader. I was looking for a way to interpret RS232 input into keyboard input for a time keeping system. Very interesting site. The robots are very cool.
Curt Sandberg Pottstown, PA  USA no URL given

Friday, 4th May 2001, 19:53 R/C & Electronics
Very good work !
Murary Kottayam  India

Wednesday, 11th April 2001, 20:18 R/C & Electronics
Nice site...
Michel Bruxelles  Belgium

Friday, 19th January 2001, 19:29 R/C Modeling
Hello everybody, I have some time now so I would like to share some tips to all those budding pic programmers that frequent this site. Using the Pic 16F84 and the Microchip MPLAB development software I have managed to get myself started interfacing with a LCD. At first I had less than overwhelming results trying to do this via shift registers and other added componantry. The lessons I have learnt are as follows: 1. Beware of static when dealing with 74HC595s. It's all too easy to destroy them without knowing. :) 2. Unbranded "blob based" LCDs do work! Remember to have larger delay routines to get them working, you can always optimise later. Also be sure that your circuit has enough power to start up, otherwise the PIC can be sending wasted commands to other devices that haven't initialised (or worse). 3. Make sure you understand the way "banks" operate in the PIC16F84s. You will need to switch between them when choosing TRISA and TRISB options. I suggest you download the 150 page (or so) datasheet, it will explain things fairly clearly. 4. Have fun and learn from your mistakes. Until next time, happy programming!
Zare Zarev    no URL given

Tuesday, 16th January 2001, 20:08 R/C & Electronics
Great site. Best wishes for your studies, and for your future career.
Zare Zarev Perth  Australia

Tuesday, 16th January 2001, 12:31 Electronics
Awsome site very well done, GREAT info. I've just begun learning PIC stuff and am always looking for pages like yours, wish there were more. Thanx Shawn
Shawn Kelly Kirkland, WA  USA no URL given

Monday, 18th December 2000, 12:38 R/C & Electronics
Great work! Tell us more about RC flying in Switzerland. In Singapore most people fly power planes. The club is called Radio Modellers Singapore. A few (your fellow countrymen) do aerotowing of 1/4 scale gliders.
Jim   Singapore no URL given

Sunday, 10th December 2000, 16:22 R/C & Electronics
I'm hoping that your Keyboard and RS232 routines are just what I need at home. They are the best laid out pages that I have come across and you have explained them very well. Thank you for sharing them and the effort you have put into your site.
Ian Hunaban Malvern  England no URL given

Friday, 29th September 2000, 13:24 R/C & Electronics
Great site. Nice, clear structure, and very good electronics. I've already bookmarked it. I really liked your guestbook. Keep on like this!
Fabian Pedrosa Tucuman  Argentina no URL given

Wednesday, 27th September 2000, 09:57 Electronics
An excellent site and very interesting. Keep up your good work.
Dariusz Kudala   Poland no URL given

Monday, 4th September 2000, 18:30 Electronics
Very good work, keep up them.
Sergio Vidales   Argentina no URL given

Friday, 25th August 2000, 23:15 Electronics
I came across looking about PICs, and I found your very good works. Keep on.
Stefano Melis Uras  italy no URL given

Friday, 28th July 2000, 01:49 Electronics
The Excel based RS-232 debug interface is something I have wanted to write for some time now. You have saved me a week of my life. Thank you......
Nigel Somerville Brisbane  Australia no URL given

Thursday, 13th July 2000, 04:50 Electronics
Impressive work, both with the web page and the PIC projects you have done.
Chris Chin Darwin  Australia no URL given

Sunday, 2nd July 2000, 11:01 Electronics
Very good indeed. Keep up your good work.
Robert Yan Singapore  Singapore

Monday, 26th June 2000, 14:41 R/C & Electronics
Very nice job and a very good page. Hope to see more of your projects in the future. Billy
Vassios Vassilis Thessaloniki  Greece no URL given

Tuesday, 6th June 2000, 13:52 R/C & Electronics
Very nice. I will book mark your page and hope you continue to improve it. Thank You.
Nestor Cotelo Rio de Janeiro  Brazil no URL given

Tuesday, 6th June 2000, 02:56 Electronics
Very nice, clean and fast just the way we like them. I will book mark it in case I need some of your modules. Keep at it. Dave
David Friedeck Valinda  USA no URL given

Saturday, 15th April 2000, 10:08 Electronics
I like your page. Very tidy. I have made a timer to control a cassette recorder and control my Awai Minidisc recorder. I have also used LCD devices. I have hacked my web pages together to share some of the ideas. Best wishes, Doug Rice
Doug Rice Ipswich, Suffolk  UK

Friday, 14th April 2000, 10:18 R/C & Electronics
An excellent site, well presented, with excellent PIC routines.
Andy Holdaway Stourbridge  United Kingdom no URL given

Tuesday, 28th March 2000, 16:05 Electronics
Hi, nice pages indeed ! You are an example of what it means youthfull years... I like too your guestbook, maybe I will inspire from it. Vasile
Surducan Vasile Cluj-Napoca  Romania

Sunday, 5th March 2000, 20:17 Electronics
I just wanted to tell you that you are my hero! Thank you for your excellent job with your PIC site! It is by far the best site of it's kind I have ever seen. For over 2 months I've been looking for a 4-bit LCD interface but on all of the pages I looked at, there was always information missing or the code didn't work. Now, I don't know much about assembly, so I am very grateful at how well you documented all of your work. I'm an amateur radio operator and I am trying to build a ham radio pager that works using DTMF tones for my personal use (not commercial). Now that I found your routines, I can finally move away from the LCD stage and work on the DTMF decoder stage. Thanks a lot for a job well done!
Adam Porr    no URL given

Saturday, 4th March 2000, 16:28 Electronics
I came accross your site whilst trying to find code and a circuit diagram for a dot matrix LCD voltmeter. You have some very impressive projects on the go at the moment and the site is laid out excellently to see them all - well done on the design !
James Gaylard United Kingdom no URL given

Friday, 3rd March 2000, 13:47 Electronics
I like your page a lot, it's very OK, well then one of the better electronics pages... I will set up a link to your site with my next update... I've also written a small program called IPCOMServer that you might find useful. It's FREE and enables you to control RS232 devices over the Internet with TELNET.
Rudolph Thomas South Africa

Monday, 28th February 2000, 22:06 Electronics
Very very interesting. Lovely layout.
Bert Kimpe Ooigem  Belgium no URL given

Saturday, 8th January 2000, 15:30 R/C & Electronics
Final test from home ... Just have a look, if it still works.
Peter Luethi Dietikon  Switzerland no URL given

Wednesday, 5th January 2000, 10:28 R/C & Electronics
Wow, my self-written guestbook works ! Perl is really nice, but not that easy. It's now up to you to fill in my guestbook. Thank you in advance.
Peter Luethi Dietikon  Switzerland



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