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Electronic Links   [Toc] [Top]

Interfacing the PC (
Craig Peacock's must-known website, if electronic engineering is your business.
The RS232 Standard
Excellent RS232 tutorial and data sheet.
How to control HD44780 based LCDs
Describes the basics of the HD44780 based character LCDs.
IP & Ethernet Interfaces
About selfmade Ethernet Interfaces.
CircuitDesign RF devices
Several wireless transmitter and receiver products. Circuit Design specializes in design and manufacturing of low power radio transmitter, receiver and transceiver modules and modems in the category of Short Range Devices (SRD) in the license exempt free band.
RF Micro Devices
Several wireless transmitter and receiver products.
Modular PIC based hardware and software, e.g. embedded ethernet solutions.
Embedded inertial navigation solutions.
Universal Windows I/O driver, IO.DLL allows seamless port I/O operations for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP using the same library.
Wireless World AG
Swiss distributor for various wireless components.

Microchip PIC Links   [Toc] [Top]

PIC Propeller Clocks
Bob Blick's "Propeller Clock" page.
Embedded 10BaseT Ethernet
Excellent page about connecting a PIC to the Ethernet.
PIC Frequency Meter
Frequency measurement up to 80 MHz with PIC16F84.
Serial EEPROM routine & various PIC stuff.
CCS C Compiler
CCS offers a wide variety of C Embedded Development Tools for Windows or Linux that support the PIC10, PIC12, PIC14, PIC16, PIC18, PIC24 microcontrollers and dsPIC DSCs. 30 days free trial for PIC16F877, PIC16C554, PIC18F458 and all 24-bit dsPIC and PIC24 devices. Note the interesting C compiler comparison, based on volunteer contributions.

R/C Links   [Toc] [Top]

Model-Gadget's Ultra-PAC-II
Commercial CAMPAC clones for Futaba R/C transmitters available through these dealers.
If you are interested in self-made CAMPAC clones, have a look at my 16 kB ClonePacs. They do work and are currently in service in my Futaba FC18 V3 Plus radio. One 16 kB CAMPAC clone provides storage capacity for 11 models within the FC18 transmitter.
R/C variometer and altimeter with bi-directional 2.4 GHz link and data logging
Commercial digital variometer solution of some of my engineering colleagues. The system settings are customizable through a PC interface. It's solid electronic engineering, therefore not cheap.
RC data logger with altitude capture
German page about a self-made RC data logger using PIC 16F84 and MPXS 4100A absolute pressure sensor.
Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV)
The impressive story of the Silvertone Flamingo UAV.

GPS Links   [Toc] [Top]

u-blox GPS
Swiss miniature 12 channel GPS receiver.
Larry's Garmin connector
Interface your GPS to a computer using the RS232 port.
Peter Bennett's GPS and NMEA Site - Garmin Support

Data Sheets & Application Notes   [Toc] [Top]

Microchip PIC Microcontroller
You can get there all PIC data sheets, many application notes and the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment for free.
National Semiconductors
Philips Semiconductors Search
Freescale Semiconductors (formerly Motorola Semiconductors)
Freescale Semiconductors Sensor Index   (Pressure,...)
Sensor Selector Guide, data sheets and application notes about pressure sensors.
TI Semiconductors Search
TI Product Information & Document Search
Maxim Semiconductors
Linear Technology
GlobalSpec (formerly QuestLink)
Fairchild Semiconductor
Chip Directory


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