Test Routine for 16-bit Macro Libary

Functional Verification of Macro Library using Microchip MPSIM Simulator

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   Available Microchip PIC Assembler Source Code

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Seeks to verify the arithmetics of the 16-bit macro library m_16bit.asm, i.e., CLR16, MOV16, NEG16, ADD16, SUB16, CMP16, LSR16, LSL16, INC16, and DEC16 operations and the corresponding immediate operations, if applicable.
For CMP16 and SUB16 operations, special attention was put on the correct handling of the important status bits, i.e., zero and carry flags.

Verified in MPSIM simulation with breakpoints at start of main and at error handling section.


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Available Microchip PIC Assembler Source Code  [Toc] [Top]

Main File HEX Files
Download assembler source code:
Download Hex File:
not applicable
The above program needs additional include files (modules) to get successfully assembled: m_bank.asm, m_16bit.asm


Last updated: 2010/05/14

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