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Please find below a non-exhaustive list of successful PIC microcontroller projects from users around the world - new contributions are highly appreciated! I'm curious to hear about your accomplished PIC projects, which include minor or major parts of my provisioned assembler source code. I'm convinced that success stories are the best way to encourage other people to get involved with fascinating PIC microcontroller programming, especially if known good code is available to start with...

Well, the rather small list below is waiting for being expanded... by sending me an email with a short description and a few pictures about your success story. Thank you!

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AT Keyboard Projects
   Alex Cameron, Australia

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Alex Cameron, Australia   [Toc] [Top]

2010/04/10 - Alex successfully interfaced his old Ferguson Big Board computer with a brand-new Logitech PS/2 keyboard using a Microchip PIC16F84 microcontroller and the AT Keyboard Interface v1.04. He has never programmed a PIC microcontroller before, but he states "Necessity is the mother of invention". It took him a total of five days to learn about PIC microcontrollers - by starting with the existing AT keyboard project - until the Ferguson Big Board computer was again fully operational:

Hello Peter,
this is just to let you know I have your device now working and driving a parallel keyboard interface for my old computer, that has now come to life - your code only needed about another 8 lines of code to handle the parallel output.

And to report only one day later:

I have all the Control Keys and Arrows working now.
Once again thanks for your great code easy to read and well documented.


AT Keyboard Interface for Ferguson Big Board Computer
An old Ferguson Big Board computer interfaced with a brand-new PS/2 keyboard from Logitech using a Microchip PIC16F84 microcontroller. Well, nothing has been reported about the functionality of the Windows keys...

PS/2 Keyboard Interface with Microchip PIC16F84
PS/2 Keyboard Interface using a Microchip PIC16F84 microcontroller. The code of the AT Keyboard Interface v1.04 has been extended to support a parallel interface in order to connect to the Ferguson Big Board computer. Additionally, some control commands and support for the arrow keys have been implemented.

Alex' Trusty BWD Oscilloscope
Alex' old and trusty BWD Oscilloscope, with the former Ferguson parallel-type keyboard on top. I love those guys sticking to their good old, ruggedized equipment!


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