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Pinout of various Connectors
Link :   The RS232 Standard     Excellent RS232 Tutorial and Data Sheet !

Precision Timer 555 LM555.pdf
4 CMOS NOR-Gates 2-Input HEF4001B.pdf
NPN Power Transistor 1A BD135 / 137 / 139 BD135.pdf
PNP Power Transistor 1A BD136 / 138 / 140 BD136.pdf
Standard OP-Amplifier LM741 LM741.pdf
Standard Comparator LM111, LM211, LM311 LM111.pdf
Precision Waveform Generator 0.001 Hz - 300 kHz Square, Sine, Triangle, 1 MHz Square ICL8038.pdf
Precision Waveform Generator 0.001 - 200 kHz Square, Sine, Triangle XR8038.pdf

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