My Equipment for R/C Modeling

Some prerequisites for convenient modeling

Futaba FC18v3 plus

This is my radio: a good old Futaba FC18v3 Plus, with self-made CAMPAC module installed.
I've installed some switches for dual-rates (take-off, aerobatics), down-timer (8 min) and one for dedicated knife flight settings: slight rudder-aileron(-elevator) mix.

self-designed mobile starter box

My self-constructed, very handy starter box:
Wooden box, power-panel, 12V/7Ah lead accu, ordinary glow-plug, Kavan starter: planetary reduction gear, robust, quite strong & personally very recommended - I think mine is now about 14 years old and worked so far flawlessly. The wooden box was bought in a do-it-yourself store according to the dimensions of the lead accu (151x65x94mm, 2530g), which fits perfectly in. One edge of the box was cut off to get a beveled mounting of the power panel.

beveled front for power panel with storage room

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