North American P51-D "Mustang"

"Sweet Thing" - Famous World War II US Fighter Plane

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The Final Plane

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Manufacturer: Great Planes, Champaign IL, USA
Wingspan: 145 cm
Length: 127 cm
Weight: approx. 3.0 kg
Engine: O.S. MAX SF-61 two-stroke engine
Controls: Engine, Elevator, Ailerons, Rudder, Retract, Retract-Doors
Description: Was great to fly! Unfortunately completely destroyed on the third flight! The fatal crash was either caused by a radio interference or by a possible receiver battery overload due to a unproperly retracted landing gear, which was exhausting the receiver battery.
NEVER ever attempt to connect the retractable mechanical landing gear unit to the receiver battery!!!
Resources: Manual, Product website

The Final Plane   [Toc] [Top]

ready to go?

the engine is running very smooth

before the very first take-off...

The above picture has been taken just before the first flight. Fortunately, today's cameras have a short exposure time - so you can not see my hands trembling.


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