GAF N22 B "Nomad"

The legendary "Flying Doctors" from Australia

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Wingspan: 2.36 m
Engine: 2x Magnum .46 ABC (or maybe O.S. MAX .46 ABC) two-stroke engines
Weight: max. 6.5 kg
Profile: NACA 2418
Controls: Engine, Elevator, Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder, mechanical Retracts
Description: Started planning on summer 1994. Construction of my Gouvernment Aircraft Factories (GAF) N22 B "Nomad" began on 7th February 1995.
All necessary plans have been drawed completely from scratch by myself:
For example front & main retractable gear, engine compartement, outer, mid & center wing section, rudder & fin, stabilizer & elevator.
I've worked on the fuselage until December 1995, then started with the wing. Since the beginning I've spent approximately 1200 hours on it and it is still not finished. No time to work further at the moment, but some day, it will be ready for take-off...

Construction   [Toc] [Top]

This plane is completely built from wood, besides minor glass fibre reinforcements and aluminium profile tubes for the main landing gear.

Number of Ribs

Fuselage:   4
Mid-Wing:  85
Outer-Wing:  24
Elevator:  26
Stabilizer & Rudder:  16
Total: 155

Extended version N24 A in front, normal version N22 behind. These planes used to fly for the "Northern Territory Medical Service" in Australia ("Flying Doctors"). My "baby" will get this look finally. (Although the "Flying Doctors" use - among others - some swiss Pilatus P12.)

Working on the fuselage.

It's summertime...

Preparing a form for the front window.

Plan and balsa ribs of the stabilizer and the rudder.

The mid-wing with the huge flaps. The flaps are also constructed from balsa ribs.

The wing itself consists of 109 balsa ribs!

There is still a a huge amount of work to be carried out... The current state is more progressive than showed here. Maybe I need to buy a digital camera - taking conventional pictures, developing and scanning in takes a lot of time.


Last updated: 2010/09/25

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