This website provides you helpful information about electronic circuits, mainly about Microchip PIC 8 Bit RISC microcontrollers and corresponding assembler programming techniques. Several assembler source code listings are available for non-commercial use. There are also software tools for using your PC for measuring or regulating electronic applications. Among the presented microcontroller and FPGA projects on this site are a digital altimeter with direct wireless data transmission for my radio controlled airplanes, and a FPGA project involving computation and visualization of fractal sets.
In early 2001, I started working at the AMD Dresden Design Center, Dresden, Germany, on RTL-based block- and system-level verification and performance analysis of HyperTransport™ chipsets for AMD's x86-64 Opteron CPUs.
After having been abroad for almost three years, I returned to Switzerland in late 2003 to pursue a Ph.D. study in the field of fourth-generation multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communication at the Integrated Systems Laboratory of the ETH Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland. Having been working for six years as a research and teaching assistant on a four-stream MIMO prototyping system with embedded real-time signal processing, I passed my Ph.D. exam in late 2009. Today, I work as R&D and technology consultant for government organizations as well as small to multi-national industrial companies, for instance in the medical technology sector...

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