Radio Controlled Modeling
Super Stearman 120

This website has been created to provide you some electronic circuits for radio-controlled (R/C) modeling. In addition, there is a photo gallery of my R/C planes in order to give you some inspirations for your next model airplane. If you are more interested in electronic circuits, please see my electronic circuits website, which comprises several PIC microcontroller and FPGA projects, e.g., a digital altimeter with direct wireless data transmission intended to be used in my R/C airplanes.
In early 2001, I started working at the AMD Dresden Design Center, Dresden, Germany, on RTL-based block- and system-level verification and performance analysis of HyperTransport™ chipsets for AMD's x86-64 Opteron CPUs.
After having been abroad for almost three years, I returned to Switzerland in late 2003 to pursue a Ph.D. study in the field of fourth-generation multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communication at the Integrated Systems Laboratory of the ETH Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland. Having been working for six years as a research and teaching assistant on a four-stream MIMO prototyping system with embedded real-time signal processing, I passed my Ph.D. exam in late 2009. Today, I work as R&D and technology consultant for government organizations as well as small to multi-national industrial companies, for instance in the medical technology sector...