Industrial Awards

AMD Fab 30 Vice President's Award
Acknowledgment for outstanding achievements at AMD Fab 30 Saxony

"... for your excellent diploma thesis 'Performance Analysis of AMD Southbridge Zorak' and extensive documentation of the software structure and its internal blocks - the prerequisite for further usage and development ..."

Dresden - May 30, 2001
Hans Deppe, Vice President and General Manager AMD Fab 30 Saxony

Best Presentation Award "Verisity's Club Verification"
Best Presentation Award at "Verisity's Club Verification" for
"Verification Glue: How to compose System-Level Environments"
Peter Lüthi, Ulrich Hensel
AMD Dresden Design Center, Dresden, Germany
Verisity's Club Verification
3rd Annual European Specman User Group Conference,
DATE03, Munich, Germany,
3rd March, 2003


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